27 mai 2024

The Haitian people have taken to the streets in St Marc, a town north of the capital. Hundreds of protestors were met with police while marching through the town. The crowd met with police using live ammunition to disperse the protest.

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A 16 year old was shot when a police stray bullet hit him. He died shortly after, angering the protestors. The practice of using live ammunitions is becoming the norm since President Jovenel Moise has appointed a new police chief, Normyl Rameau, a few weeks ago. The special drug unit, BLTS, financed and équipes by the United States, has been ordered by the Executive power of Haiti to participate in protest repression. The town is experiencing tension as the rage of the residents is mounting against ill appropriate special units of the police.

Warning live pictures and footage may be shocking

Dragonia Blain

For the Haitian democratic youth project

Wherever you are, speak up!

October 11,2019

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