18 juillet 2024

For an urgent exit from the political and security crisis in Haiti: proposed action by the december 21st agreement.-

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Haiti, once a thriving nation, is currently grappling with unprecedented political and security crises. The foundations of the state are shaken, leaving the population in a state of fear and uncertainty. In response to this critical situation, the December 21 Agreement, bringing together a coalition of political forces, proposes a set of urgent measures to navigate the country out of the deadlock.

Signatories of the December 21 agreement. Photo credit: Juno7

Analysis of the Current Situation:

The state of decay of the Haitian state is alarming. Law enforcement agencies are overwhelmed by the rise of armed gangs, which terrorize the population and undermine the foundations of society. Calls for dialogue and attempts at compromise have so far failed, leaving the country in a dangerous political impasse. The Haitian population, meanwhile, suffers the devastating consequences of this crisis, with a ruined economy and an uncertain future.

Proposed Action:

  1. Sending a punctual assistance force: Given the urgency of the situation, the December 21st Agreement recommends the immediate dispatch of a punctual assistance force to support local authorities in their efforts to restore order and security.
  2. Deployment of the multinational security support force: A coordinated international response is needed to address this crisis. The December 21st Agreement advocates for the deployment of a multinational security support force, composed of representatives from several countries, to strengthen the capabilities of Haitian law enforcement.
  3. Establishment of a presidential council or provisional presidency: To ensure a stable and democratic transition, the December 21st Agreement proposes the creation of a presidential council of five members or the installation of the President of the Court of Cassation as a provisional President.
  4. Return of Prime Minister Ariel Henry and maintenance until the installation of new elected officials: Political stability is essential to carry out the necessary reforms. The December 21st Agreement insists on the swift return of Prime Minister Ariel Henry to the country and his maintenance in office until new leaders are elected.
  5. Formation of a National Unity Government: Finally, to ensure inclusive and representative governance, the December 21st Agreement recommends the formation of a National Unity Government, tasked with restoring security, implementing constitutional reforms, and preparing free and fair elections.

The situation in Haiti is critical, but it is not without hope. The proposed action by the December 21st Agreement offers a framework for concerted and inclusive action to pull the country out of the political and security crisis threatening it. It is time for all stakeholders to unite in the best interest of the Haitian nation and work together for a better future.

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